Where to Get your Logo Designed

Now that you’ve installed WordPress and chosen your WordPress theme, it’s time to get a brand spanking new logo designed for your brand.

In this short lesson, we’re going to explain where to get a logo designed, how much it costs and a few design tips for businesses.

Why does your Site Need a Logo?

Logos, like choosing a domain name, are very important for your business, because it’s one of the first things that a user sees when he/she lands on your site, and one of the things that they remember about your brand.

You should look to get a professional, custom designed logo made that matches the nuances and feel for your site. It needs to help distinguish you from your competition and carry your message.

For example, if you offer professional services, you want to convey professionalism and reliability. If you offer B2C services, your logo needs to stand out from the crowd. If you offer regulated financial services, you need a sleek, professional image.

Logos also help with branding and consistent. Consistency means everything from the header to the colors of your site and even the favicon (the small icon that displays in the corner tab of your browser) flows well together. Being able to re-use your logo or even character in the content of your site also helps provide greater value to users.

Where to Get a Logo Designed and How Much Will it Cost?

The internet is literally sprawling with graphic designers, logo designs and web designs, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a reliable logo designer for your site.

My personal recommendation is Microlancer.com, which provides professional logo designs from freelancers for$50-$150 (3-5 days turnaround including revisions). The advantage of using this site is that you can select from hundreds of freelance designers, see their customer ratings and view their previous work.

Another site that’s useful is 99Designs.co.uk. This is a logo design contest site that lets individual designers compete with one another for your work. You simply post a design brief and then from £199 you will receive 30 unique logo designs from 30 different designers. You simply choose the winning design and then he gets paid.

Although 99Designs.co.uk is quite expensive, the advantage of using them is that you receive far more design ideas and inspiration. £199 for 30 designs actually only works out to £6.50 ($10) per logo design.

Finally, if you’re looking to something cheaper than you can always use virtual work rooms such as Elance.com to find cheap logo designers for less than $75, as use design agencies (however be aware these will be far more expensive, possibly up to £500).

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