Social Media Page Design and Dimensions

Exciting and fresh social media page designs are one of the simplest ways to stand out from crowd and increase engagement on your social media fan page.

In this lesson, we’ll explain how to get your social media pages designed and the image dimensions required.

Social Fan Pages – The Importance of Visual Marketing

Your social fan page is where you can connect with your target audience and improve brand engagement and communications. As such, having a custom-designed social media fan page with your brand and logos can go along way towards helping you achieve success.

According to HubSpot, photos generate 53% more likes than regular posts, which shows how important visuals can be. You can also take a look at Rand Fishkin’s Whiteboard Friday video, which explains how visual assets are now at the forefront of online marketing.

It’s also important to be consistent and use the same colors, fonts and logos throughout your marketing material. Many large brands such as have their own color palette and fonts that they pass to designers when outsourcing any marketing material.

Alas, let’s get started and teach you the different dimensions for different social media networks.

Which Social Networks should I Focus on?

As covered in our previous lesson on the importance of social media pages, if you have a smaller budget than you’re better off focusing your efforts on one or two social media networks. This usually includes Facebook and Twitter.

However, if you’re promoting videos at all then you should definitely add Youtube to your mix. Although Youtube is technically a search engine, it also serves as a social network since you can earn subscribers, comments and likes to your channel (all integrated with Google Plus).

Design your Social Fan Page to Maximise Conversions

If you run a business that is selling a product or trying to get users to sign up to an email list than you can design your social channels to acheive this objective. For example, check out how (below) have designed their page to maximise conversions to their Nandos competition.

All you need to do is create some interesting copy, with a large arrow pointing towards the “Like”, “Subscribe” or “Follow” button on a social network.

Getting Started – Social Media Design Image Dimensions:

The bad news for marketers is that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus tend to update their page designs every 12 months or so. This makes it a little tricky finding an update to date list of accurate image dimensions for every social network.

Take a look below for updated social media design dimensions at the time this article was published.


  • Large Cover Image – 851 x 315px
  • Profile Photo – 180 x 180 (displays as 160x 160)


Twitter has recently undergone a total makeover changing their profile dimensions to the following:

  • Header Image – 1500 x 500
  • Profile Image – 400×400

Youtube: (Find All Dimensions from Google Here)

  • Channel Art Cover Image: 1546 x 423
  • Profile Image in Top-Left Corner: 100x 100
  • Make sure you leave room for social icons in bottom right of channel art cover image

Google Plus:

  • Cover Photo Size: 2120 x 1192 (16:9 ratio)

Hiring a Social Media Page Designer:

You should be able to hire any graphic or web designer to create your social media fan pages. You can find a range of freelance graphic designers at sites such as and However, you can also use services such as where you can get a Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or Google Plus page designed from £99.

The price of getting a custom design will vary from designer to designer; it also depends on how complex your design is. Overall, I’d set a budget of around $500 to get a custom design across all of your channels.

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