History of WikiWeb.com

This page refers to the previous website that was hosted on WikiWeb.com from 2000 – 2014

Up until 2014, WikiWeb.com produced web based collaboration tools for the small business and corporate markets.

The core of its offering was a wiki, a collaboration forum that is based on shared collaboration web pages.

Any user, including visitors, could edit web pages in a wiki. WikiWeb’s collaboration tools make it easy for anyone to create and manage a collaboration web site.

WikiWeb was created as a service in January, 2000. The service evolved into a product line in reaction to changing market conditions. Today we have sold copies of our collaboration software to many customers and in several countries around the world.

Previous Customers

  • The US Air Force Research Lab
  • Johns Hopkins University Advanced Physics Labs
  • Cornell University
  • NewCountancy Inc.
  • Sabre, Inc
  • Retek Inc
  • Mabry Software Inc.
  • GBC
  • IP Services
  • Typetec Ireland
  • Moneyline Telerate
  • And many more..

What’s A Wiki?

A wiki is a collaboration tool – a web site where the pages can be changed and INSTANTLY published using only a web browser (no programming required). Pages areautomatically created and linked to each other.

  • Collaborate using modifiable web pages
  • Automatic web page linking and creation
  • Changes are INSTANTLY published

Main Features

  • Collaborate using modifiable web pages
  • Automatic web page linking and creation
  • Changes are INSTANTLY published
  • Page change notifications via email
  • Control user access and privileges
  • File sharing
  • Page index and full text search
  • List and restore previous page versions

Business Benefits

  • Make information easier to access
  • Better, faster communication
  • Information is saved in a central repository
  • Spend less time emailing & in meetings
  • Keep information up-to-date
  • Get more people involved
  • Quickly see who contributed information

Business Uses

  • Host an Intranet or Extranet
  • Organize and manage projects
  • Record meeting notes
  • Track deadlines
  • Gather requirements
  • Solve problems remotely
  • Co-author proposals
  • Communicate initiatives
  • Get team members involved

How Does It Work?

Read and navigate through pages like a regular web site.

Modify any page by clicking the “Edit” link on that page. Click “Save” and your changes are INSTANTLY published for others to see.

Link to another page by putting it’s name between asterisks (eg. *NewPage*). If the page exists, it will be linked to. If the page does not exist, it will be automatically created and linked to.

Use asterisks linking to link to pictures, other web sites, uploaded files, wiki pages and email addresses.

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